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NFL - Chargers Eclipse Helmet Signed by Joey Bosa and Keenan Allen
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NFL - Chargers Justin Herbert Signed Authentic Flash Speed Helmet
NFL - Chargers Quentin Johnston Signed Authentic Football
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HOF - Chargers Dan Fouts & Charlie Joiner Signed Proline Helmet
Crucial Catch - Chargers Isaiah Spiller Game Worn Jersey (10/16/23) Size 42
HOF - Chargers Charlie Joiner and Kellen Winslow Singed Authentic Prolin...
HOF - Chargers Ron Mix Signed Mini Helmet with ""HOF 79"&...
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NFL - Chargers Derwin James Signed Authentic Jersey Size 44
NFL - Chargers Eric Weddle Signed Panel Football
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About Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers Impact Fund is committed to helping families thrive in and around Southern California. Alex and Faye Spanos firmly believed that a solid family foundation was critical to success in life. That's why in 1995 they created the Chargers Impact Fund to focus on improving the circumstances of families and their communities.


Since then, the Fund has awarded more than $12 million in direct community assistance. Today, in partnership with Chargers fans, volunteers and donors, the Chargers Impact Fund continues to honor Alex and Faye's legacy by helping to build strong support structures for youth, families, and their communities across Southern California.

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