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MCMC- Peyton Manning Custom Cleats Supporting - Peyton Manning Children'...
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 17
Current Bid: $1,850.00
MCMC- Erin Andrews  Custom Shoes Supporting - Baby Quest
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 16
Current Bid: $1,510.00
MCMC - Eagles Custom Shoes representing Mothers in Charge signed by Jaso...
MCMC - Eagles Custom Shoes representing Philadelphia Financial Scholars ...
MCMC- Boomer Esiason Custom Cleats Supporting - Boomer Esiason Foundation
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 15
Current Bid: $1,010.00
MCMC- Jay Cutler Custom Cleats Supporting - JDRF
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 10
Current Bid: $1,000.00
MCMC- Ed McCaffrey Custom Cleats Supporting - Christian McCaffrey Founda...
MCMC- Eli Manning Custom Cleats Supporting - Tackle Kids Cancer
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 14
Current Bid: $675.00
MCMC- Andrew Whitworth Custom Cleats Supporting - Make A Wish
Ends: --
Number of Bids: 8
Current Bid: $625.00
MCMC - Eagles Custom Shoes representing Year Up signed by Jason Kelce

About My Cause My Cleats

NFL players reveal their passions beyond the game and wear their hearts on their feet through My Cause My Cleats.  Players have the opportunity to pick a cause that is important to them and represent their chosen organization on custom designed cleats.


The NFL does not retain any profits from the sale/auction of these cleats via NFL Auction.  All dollars raised from the auction are awarded by the NFL Foundation to charities identified by the specific player associated with the cleats. 


100% of My Cause My Cleats sales from NFL Auction go to the NFL Foundation and are then allocated to players’ designated charities.


Please note that cleats may take up to 90 days after the close of the auction to be received by the winning bidder.


**Availability is subject to change**

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